Friday, August 3, 2012


This Photo-A-Day Challenge is already harder than I expected it to be.  It is really making me think a great deal more about the subject matter than I thought I would.  On the face of it, how hard should it be (REALLY) to take a picture representing “one?”  I considered many subjects: the Texas Lone Star Flag (representing a state known for its fiercely independent, pioneering spirit), the flag of the United States of America (50 stars united as one great nation under God), the numeral “1,” (but so many styles to choose from, how could I decide on the “right one” – another photo option), a baby (two shall become one), a penny (fond memories of when 1 cent used to buy 5 pieces of candy!)… hmmmmmm…. after much pondering, I decided on this photo.  The best way to tackle any challenge is to do it (you guessed it!) one step at a time.

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