Sunday, August 5, 2012


When traveling, this logo is often a welcome sight - promising weary travelers a place to stretch their legs, buy a snack, take a "break," and fill up their vehicles all in one convenient spot.  I find it ironic that the very fossil fuels we purchase to fill up our empty gas tanks were indeed produced from organisms that lived in oceans and seas long ago!

Driver's Seat

I was wounded by a stranger’s words today.  I doubt they were even aware of my inner response to their comments.  I felt as if a bucket of slime had been thrown on me.  The focus of today’s picture is: somewhere I sat.  I sat in many places today, and always with me were sadness and a better understanding of  “life and death are in the power of the tongue,” as I pondered:  Is that how my remarks sometimes make others feel?  Slimed?  Mocked?  Ridiculed?  Rejected?  Humiliated?  Ashamed?  I sure hope not.  I hate thinking that my words would cause someone else to feel that kind of pain.  Am I going to stop talking, blogging, or interacting with others for fear I may inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, or get my own hurt, again?  No.  Will I make mistakes and unintentionally step on toes?  Unfortunately, I probably will.  As I travel down this highway of life, learning this skill called intercommunication, I strive to become a more a courteous driver and hope that I don’t get snarled in too many traffic jams along the way…

Friday, August 3, 2012


The word for Aug. 3 is coin.  I dug through my coin purse today to see what was there, and found these two quarters.  I hadn't noticed, not really, until I began looking for a coin to photograph for today, just how much coins have changed over the past several decades.  Just didn't notice how different quarters are now compared to then .... kind of like everything else in life.  The changes are so subtle - little by little they sneak up on you until suddenly one day .......


This Photo-A-Day Challenge is already harder than I expected it to be.  It is really making me think a great deal more about the subject matter than I thought I would.  On the face of it, how hard should it be (REALLY) to take a picture representing “one?”  I considered many subjects: the Texas Lone Star Flag (representing a state known for its fiercely independent, pioneering spirit), the flag of the United States of America (50 stars united as one great nation under God), the numeral “1,” (but so many styles to choose from, how could I decide on the “right one” – another photo option), a baby (two shall become one), a penny (fond memories of when 1 cent used to buy 5 pieces of candy!)… hmmmmmm…. after much pondering, I decided on this photo.  The best way to tackle any challenge is to do it (you guessed it!) one step at a time.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am taking part in the Photo-A-Day Challenge for August 2012.  The word for August 1 is "outside."  After much thought, I chose this picture.  It reminds me to keep the "old stuff" cleaned out - not to dwell on, but to let go of: old hurts, wounds (intentionally inflicted or not), offenses, rejections, misunderstandings ... In order to move forward and have room in my heart for the simple pleasures, for love, joy, peace - I must chose to let go of the "junk" of the past and extend forgiveness.  Choose to toss the old stinkin'-thinkin' garbage of the past outside and enjoy the fresh newness of today!