Sunday, August 5, 2012

Driver's Seat

I was wounded by a stranger’s words today.  I doubt they were even aware of my inner response to their comments.  I felt as if a bucket of slime had been thrown on me.  The focus of today’s picture is: somewhere I sat.  I sat in many places today, and always with me were sadness and a better understanding of  “life and death are in the power of the tongue,” as I pondered:  Is that how my remarks sometimes make others feel?  Slimed?  Mocked?  Ridiculed?  Rejected?  Humiliated?  Ashamed?  I sure hope not.  I hate thinking that my words would cause someone else to feel that kind of pain.  Am I going to stop talking, blogging, or interacting with others for fear I may inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, or get my own hurt, again?  No.  Will I make mistakes and unintentionally step on toes?  Unfortunately, I probably will.  As I travel down this highway of life, learning this skill called intercommunication, I strive to become a more a courteous driver and hope that I don’t get snarled in too many traffic jams along the way…

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